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In 1986, Hanna Instruments launched the pHep® meter, which revolutionized pH measurement by enabling non-lab users to access an affordable and highly accurate electronic tester. Since then, Hanna Instruments has continued to innovate testing technology, including the introduction of replaceable pH electrodes and multi-parameter combination testers. They also offer a range of application-specific testers designed for difficult samples such as cheese, meat, bread dough, wine, and beer.

pH/ORP Testers


Hanna Instruments offers a wide selection of pH and ORP testers. Choose from the latest pHep to the iconic Checker® that has been used in schools all over the world. Available options include testers with replaceable electrodes, multi-level LCD, or the Piccolo® that has an amplified probe, making it immune to electrical noise interference. Versions with multi-level LCDs not only display temperature along with pH or ORP, but also have indicators for instability, calibration, and battery level

EC/TDS Testers


Conductivity and TDS Testers come in a variety of styles. We have versions with graphite sensors which reduce polarization effects that occur with amperometric measuring methods. A key feature is temperature compensation, since EC/TDS measurements are very sensitive to temperature changes. Hanna Instruments uses an exposed temperature probe for near instantaneous measurement, resulting in a faster response time. Other features include a multi-level LCD to display EC or TDS along with temperature, adjustable EC to TDS conversion factors, and adjustable temperature compensation coefficient.

Temperature Testers


In 1995, Hanna Instruments introduced the first Checktemp® thermometers that incorporated a unique calibration check feature used to determine any drift of the internal electronics. A switch was used to place the thermometer in CAL Check mode. If the reading is inside +/- 0.3 °C from the 0.0 °C reference point then the internal electronics are working correctly. Today’s meters do the check at start up to know if the meter is working properly.

The range of testers available include stick style, folding probes, and weighted probes. We offer both thermistor and K-Type thermocouple technology based on the measurement range needed. Many meters have CAL Check, a certificate stating the accuracy that is traceable to a NIST standard, automatic shut off, and wake on motion. We also offer versions that are EN 13485 certified.

Multiparameter Testers


Many applications require a pH/EC, pH/TDS, or pH/ORP measurements. The pH/EC/TDS parameters are commonly measured in agriculture, including hydroponics and greenhouses, printing industry fountain solutions, and basic water quality including boiler and cooling tower treatments. The measurement of both pH and ORP is important in spas and swimming pools, food disinfection, and plating wastewater treatment. Our COMBO® meters feature a multi-level LCD that displays both temperature and the parameter of interest but also has indicators for instability, calibration, and battery level.

Salinity Testers


Salinity testers use a conductivity sensor for the measurement of artificial seawater used in saltwater and reef aquariums.
Our versions allow for results to be displayed as PSU, ppt, or specific gravity (S.G.).

Application Specific


The most important part of any pH measurement system is the design of the pH electrode. There are a variety of glass types and shapes for the sensing surface, and also a variety of junctions and body materials used in the construction. Application specific testers use the combination of electrode glass and shape that work best in the environment of a particular application. Whether it is tester for beer that has high temperature glass for mash measurement or to a removable sleeve that allows the cleaning and rebuilding of the junction for a meter made for the direct measurement of dough. Our application specific testers are the result of years of knowledge to build the best measurement system for your application.