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USB Drive for HI801 iris Visible Spectrophotometer


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USB Drive to store data for the HI801 iris Visible Spectrophotometer.


Transferring data from a meter should always be simple and straightforward. Impressively the HI801 can store up to 14, 000 measurements in its memory. At any time, data can be transferred to a PC or Mac as either a CSV or PDF file. No software is required, simply plug in the HI7408016 USB Drive or plug it directly into a computer and export the data.

The ability to save data as a PDF ensures higher integrity of the data as it cannot be easily changed. Additionally, a meter ID and a sample ID can be programmed to be saved along with logged measurements. With technical equipment wide-spread connection compatibility can often be an issue, which is why the HI801 iris features USB ports for both flash drive and a direct computer connection. Connectivity with a USB–A port to a flash drive can be used to transfer logged measurements from the meter and also to transfer method updates onto the meter. The USB–B port is used for a direct connection to a computer specifically for transferring logged data.

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SKU HI7408016
Name USB Drive for HI801 iris Visible Spectrophotometer


USB Drive for HI801 iris Visible Spectrophotometer