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Titrant for Titratable Acidity - HI84429-50

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The HI84429 is a mini titrator for the determination of acidity in dairy products. The HI84429-50 titrant is pre-standardized eliminating the need for any volumetric glassware or an analytical balance. The HI84429 mini titrator with the prepared HI84429-50 titrant makes dairy acidity titrations fast, accurate, and simple to perform.

Pre-standardized titrant

Clearly marked expiration date and lot number

Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality


The methodology for titratable acidity in dairy products is based on a neutralization reaction of the acids in a sample (i.e. lactic acid) with a base (i.e. sodium hydroxide) to produce water:

H++OH → H2O

In an ideal solution, the endpoint of an acid titration corresponds stoichiometrically to the complete neutralization of the acids present. The endpoint for this reaction can be determined visually using a color indicator (i.e. phenolphthalein); however, this endpoint becomes very objective in opaque and colored samples such as milk. The HI84429 removes this issue by titrating to a fixed pH endpoint that is potentiometrically determined by the FC260B half cell pH electrode and HI5315 half cell reference electrode.

The HI84429-50 is a 100 mL bottle of alkaline titrant solution used for the determination of lactic acid in dairy products.

Replacement reagents required to operate the HI84429:

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Pump calibration standard


Titrant solution


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Weight 0.14 kg

Acidity, Lactic Acid, pH, Titratable Acidity


SKU HI84429-50
Name Titrant for Titratable Acidity – HI84429-50
Description Titrant for Titratable Acidity
Package bottle
Quantity 1
Size 100 mL


Titrant for Titratable Acidity – HI84429-50