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Suction Lysimeter for Root Level Soil Monitoring - HI83900-90 cm (2.95')


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The HI83900 Suction Lysimeter is used to extract soil solutions for chemical analysis of nutrients important to plant growth. This sample collection tool is built with a porous ceramic cap that is connected to a 30, 60, or 90 cm transparent tube. A rubber capillary extends from the plastic syringe through the tube, reaching the ceramic tip. The HI83900 allows operators to easily monitor the level of fertilizer nutrients such as ammonia, nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, sulfate, calcium, and magnesium.

  • Sintered ceramic cap
  • Three tube lengths available
  • Sample collection at root level


The HI83900 Suction Lysimeter allows the extraction of a solution from the soil by creating a vacuum inside the sampler tube that exceeds the soil water tension. The change in pressure establishes an hydraulic gradient for the solution to flow through the porous ceramic cap and into the lysimeter tube. Typically, a vacuum of about -60 cb (centibar) is required; depending on the length of the lysimeter tube, the included 30 mL syringe may need to be drawn several times.

The suction lysimeter is compatible with Hanna’s HI83325 and HI83315 multiparameter benchtop photometers for nutrient analysis. Users can just as easily analyze the presence and strength of nutrients such as ammonia, nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium using their extracted soil solution samples. Analysis of the soil solution’s pH, conductivity (EC), and total dissolved solids (TDS) can also be made with a wide range of portable and benchtop meters.

Features at-a-glance

Three Tube Lengths – Hanna offers the HI83900 in three different lengths: 30 cm, 60 cm, or 90 cm. No matter what the depth of the root level, users can easily extract a soil solution that represents the concentration of nutrients available for plant uptake.

Sintered Ceramic Cap – The ceramic tip of the lysimeter can be used in all types of soil. It is made of a sinterized material that does not react with the nutrients in the soil. Therefore, the soil solution collected is not affected by the chemical composition of the ceramic cap resulting in precise and reliable tests.

Syringe and Finger Clamp – A 30 mL syringe and finger clamp are included to assist the user in quickly and efficiently creating a vacuum inside the sampler tube.

Easy to Clean – The lysimeter should be sterile and free of air bubbles before placing it into the root zone for extraction. A cleaning solution is supplied with the HI83900 to sufficiently activate the tube and porous ceramic tip.

Additional information

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Ammonia, Calcium, Conductivity/TDS, Magnesium, Nitrate, pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfate


SKU HI83900-90
Name Suction Lysimeter for Root Level Soil Monitoring – HI83900-90 cm (2.95′)

Ordering Info

HI83900 is supplied with capillary rubber tube with rubber cap and finger clamp, cleaning solution starter kit (120 mL), 30 mL syringe, and instructions.


Suction Lysimeter for Root Level Soil Monitoring – HI83900-90 cm (2.95′)