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Spare pH Electrode for Testers - HI73127


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The HI73127 is a spare pH tester electrode that is compatible with: HI98129, and HI98130 Combo multiparameter testers, HI98127 and HI98128 pHep® testers, and HI98121 ORP tester. These meters also use HI73127 replaceable electrode that has a stainless steel round connector and extendable cloth junction. This cartridge design has no pins to line up or that can break.


Replacing a pH electrode on one of Hanna’s compatible testers is both quick and easy. The spare electrode is designed as an easy-fit cartridge that locks into place, featuring two O-rings to maintain a watertight seal.

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SKU HI73127
Name Spare pH Electrode for Testers – HI73127
Measurement Range pH: 0 to 14
Reference Cell Type single, Ag/AgCl
Junction Type/Flow Rate cloth
Type of Electrolyte gel
Body Material polypropylene
Tip / Shape spheric (dia: 5 mm)
Max. Pressure 0.1 bar
Temperature Operating Range -5 to 50°C (23 to 122°F)
Temperature Sensor no
Connector Type pin
Amplifier no
Recommended Use field applications, general purpose


Spare pH Electrode for Testers – HI73127