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Marine Master CAL Check™ standards - HI97105-11


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The HI97105-11 CAL Check™ standards allow users to validate the instrument performance at any time by following the on-screen, step-by-step calibration process. The CAL Check standard vials are developed to simulate a specific absorbance value at each wavelength to verify the accuracy of subsequent readings with a cuvette for zeroing the meter and another to validate or calibrate.  This high-quality set of standards is supplied with a certificate of analysis that provides the lot number, reference values, and expiration date. 

  • Light-tight storage containers
  • NIST traceable standard
  • Marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability


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SKU HI97105-11
Name Marine Master CAL Check™ standards – HI97105-11


Marine Master CAL Check™ standards – HI97105-11