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Inductive Conductivity Probe – HI7650



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In stock


In stock

This inductive conductivity probe is designed to work with the HI720 to measure conductivity in industrial applications. With a durable PVC body and optional Pt100 temperature sensor, you can count on this electrode to stand up to your process environment.

  • Measurement is based on inductive coupling of two toroidal transformers 
  • Models with built-in temperature sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Built for everyday, demanding use in industrial applications


Inductive Conductivity Probe

Allows conductivity measurements without any electrical contact between electrodes and process fluid.

Built-in Thermistor Temperature Sensor

Ensures fast, accurately compensated readings even during sudden temperature fluctuations. Available with temperature compensation or without.

Variety of Cable Lengths

Probe models vary in cable length to fit any of your process needs.

PVC Body

This rugged material is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor measurements.

IP67 Rating

Fully protected from dust (6) and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins (7).

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Name Inductive Conductivity Probe – HI7650


Inductive Conductivity Probe – HI7650