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In-line Conductivity probe with NTC sensor for immersion installation - HI7638-3m (9.84')

HI7638 is In-Line Conductivity probe for conductivity measurement in various industrial applications. This probe has inbuilt NTC temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation. This probe is based on four ring technology and it is made up of platinum rings.

  • Four-ring probes measure conductivity with platinum sensors.

  • Built-in temperature sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation.

  • PEI body


HI7639 conductivity probe

Advantage of Four Ring Conductivity Probe 

Three types of conductivity probes are manufactured by Hanna,  amperometric (2 Ring), potentionmetric (Four Ring) and Inductive (Electrodeless or Toroidal conductivity probe).

Four electrode conductivity (four-ring conductivity) utilizes a potentionmetric approach to make the measurement; an alternating current is applied to the outer two “drive”electrodes to induce a current in the solution. The voltage is measured between the inner pair of electrodes in solution. The voltage is proportional the conductivity This technology extends the linear range of measurement over three decades. Electrodes are made of graphite, stainless steel or Platinum. Polarization effects are reduced.

The universally acclaimed four-ring method provides an exceptionally stable measurement over a wider range.

  • These probes do not suffer polarization
  • No need of frequent calibration or cell changes.
  • More Stability 

HI7638 Conductivity Electrode FEATURES/BENEFITS:

In-line conductivity probe

  • Suitable for direct immersion in pipes.

Built-in NTC temperature sensor 

  • The integrated NTC temperature sensor of the HI7638 probe is crucial for accurate EC measurements. Since the temperature of a solution can drastically change the amount of conductance, obtaining a fast and stable temperature measurement allows for an accurately compensated EC reading.

Multiple Cable Lengths

The HI7638 available in various lengths of cable.

  • HI7638 comes with a DIN connector and 3 meters of cable attached.
  • HI7638/10 comes with a DIN connector and 10 meters of cable attached.
  • HI7638/20 comes with a DIN connector and 20 meters of cable attached.

Platinum sensor

  • Provides the best response over a wide range of applications.

PEI body

  • PEI bodied electrodes are rugged and suitable for noncritical applications that require a very good combination of chemical, mechanical, and thermal resistance.

Four-ring method

  • Provides an exceptionally stable measurement over a wider range. These probes do not suffer polarization, nor do they need frequent calibration or cell changes.

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