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Fertigation Controller

True pH and alkalinity fertigation control solutions. The HI8000 series controller is designed to precisely control the injection of an acid or alkaline solution as well as multiple fertilizers based on continuous in-line EC and pH monitoring. Each system can precisely control pH and alkalinity from 3GPM up to 200GPM. Incorporating combined pH and flow control technology, the Hanna solution offers features and functionality found no where else in the industry.

  • Customize your fertilizer mixtures with the injection and mixing of up to 4 fertilizers and 1 acid with a custom option of up to 7 independent injectors.
  • Superior flexibility with multiple programs that allow the user to set various conductivity and pH values for a variety of plants.
  • Automated irrigation control of up to 32 zones with advanced conductivity and pH control over vast flow rates.


The heart of our acid injection/pH control systems.

The Hanna Fertigation System continuously measures the actual EC and pH of the flow-through and precisely adjusts the concentration of fertilizer into the system.

Injecting multiple fertilizers to a specific conductivity for optimal nutrient application while advanced pH control improves nutrient absorption and plant health.

The unit will accurately inject fertilizer in varying flow rates ranging from 1 GPM to 350 GPM. Custom configuration is possible when higher flow rates are desired.

The HI8000 series controller has 10 programs that allow the user to set various EC and pH values for a variety of crops.

The system also controls up to 32 irrigation valves, either sequentially or in groups of 2, 3, or 4 at once. Programs can be triggered by time, external switching, or flow.

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Fertigation Controller