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Bromine Test Kit - HI3830


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The HI3830 is a chemical test kit that uses the DPD method to measure bromine in water samples. The HI3830 is supplied complete with all of the reagents and equipment necessary to perform approximately 60 tests.

  • Pre-made reagents for ease of use
  • All reagents marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability
  • Color comparison cube for simple determination


The HI3830 is a colorimetric chemical test kit that determines the bromine concentration in samples within a 0 to 3 mg/L (ppm) Br2 range. The HI3830 is supplied with all of the necessary reagents and equipment to perform the analysis. The test kit contains enough reagents for perform approximately 60 tests.

Features at-a-glance

Complete setup

  • All required materials are included with the test kit, such as the sample beaker, color comparison cube, and reagent dropper bottles.

High resolution

  • Readings from 0 to 3 mg/L Br2 are determined to 0.6 mg/L resolution.

Replacement reagents available

  • There is no need to buy a new kit when reagents are exhausted. The HI3830-060+I1734 reagent set can be ordered to replace the reagents supplied with the kit. This reagent set comes with 1 (30mL) dropper bottle of Reagent 1 and 1 (20mL) dropper bottle of Reagent 2.

Significance of Use

Bromine is less volatile and more stable than chlorine, making it a good choice as a disinfectant in pools, spas, and hot tubs, and a sanitizing agent in drinking water systems. Like chlorine, excess amounts of bromine in water can be dangerous to health and can cause eye irritation. Daily monitoring of bromine concentration prevents damage to equipment and contributes to the optimization and efficiency of the process while providing for increased user safety.

Additional information

Weight 0.31 kg



SKU HI3830
Name Bromine Test Kit – HI3830
Bromine Measurement Type Colorimetric
Bromine Range 0.0 to 3.0 mg/L
Bromine Resolution 0.6 mg/L
Bromine Method DPD
Bromine Number of Tests 60
Weight 370 g (13.9 oz.)
Dimensions 200x120x60 mm (7.9×4.7×2.9 in.)

Ordering Info

HI3830 test kit comes with 30 mL reagent 1, 20 mL reagent 2, color comparison cube, and plastic vessel.


Bromine Test Kit – HI3830