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Acid Reagent for Free and Total Sulfur Dioxide - HI84500-60


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The HI84500-60 is a 230 mL bottle of acid reagent required for both low and high range determinations of sulfur dioxide in wine using the HI84500 Sulfur Dioxide Mini Titrator for Wine Analysis.

The acid reagent is used to lower the pH value of the sample prior to performing a titration. With 5 mL of reagent required per test, there is enough acid reagent for approximately 46 tests.

  • Pre-measured solution
  • Clearly marked expiration date and lot number
  • Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal


The HI84500-60 acid reagent is necessary to lower the pH of the wine sample before a titration can be performed for either free or total sulfur dioxide. The adjustment of the wine sample with 5 mL of the acidic reagent ensures the sample is at the correct pH. The addition of HI84500-62 stabilizing powder is also added prior to performing the titration. The HI3148B ORP electrode is used to detect the endpoint for both the low (1.0 to 40.0 ppm of SO2) and high (30 to 400 ppm of SO2) ranges. The HI84500 can be used with all wines, including red, which are difficult to test using traditional methods due to the difficulty to observe a distinctive color change when the endpoint is reached.

The HI84500 determines the free and total sulfur dioxide concentration in wine using the Ripper method. Excess iodide is added to the wine sample and reacts with the iodate titrant to produce iodine:

IO3 + 5I + 6H+ → 3I2 + 3H2O

The iodine produced reacts with sulfur dioxide in the wine according to the redox reaction below:

H2SO3 + I2 → H2SO4 + 2HI

Replacement reagents required to operate the HI84500 include:

Low Range – 1.0 to 40.0 ppm of SO2 High Range – 30 to 400 ppm of SO2
Pump calibration standard HI84500-55 HI84500-55
Titrant solution HI84500-50 HI84500-51
Acid reagent HI84500-60 HI84500-60
Alkaline reagent (Total SO2) HI84500-61 HI84500-61
Stabilizer powder packets HI84500-62 HI84500-62

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Sulfur Dioxide


SKU HI84500-60
Name Acid Reagent for Free and Total Sulfur Dioxide – HI84500-60
Description Acid Reagent for Free and Total Sulfur Dioxide
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Size 230 mL


Acid Reagent for Free and Total Sulfur Dioxide – HI84500-60