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In 1986, Hanna Instruments revolutionized the way pH is measured with the introduction of the pHep® (pH electronic paper). This tester brought electronic pH measurement out of the lab, giving the general public, farmers, students, and many other users access to a pH meter that was highly accurate and simple to use.
The meter was also very affordable at a price point less than $50.00. Since the introduction of the pHep, Hanna Instruments has been at the forefront of innovating tester technology. Our innovations include the first tester with a replaceable pH electrode, the first combination testers that can measure multiple parameters, the first tester with a large, multi-level LCD that shows both pH and temperature readings. Hanna Instruments now offers an extensive line of application specific testers optimally designed for difficult samples like cheese, meat, bread dough, wine, and beer, to name a few. 

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