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A World Leader in pH Instrumentation


How Do You Measure pH?

Hanna Aquarium

Maintaining accurate pH is crucial for all aquarium life. pH is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration in water… Explore Marine Line ›

Hanna Beer Line

Hanna brings simplicity to pH testing when brewing and is engineered to withstand a brewery environment… Explore Beverage Line ›

From the professional vinologist to the home hobbyist we provide innovative instrumentation for winemakers… Explore Wine Line ›

Helping growers maximize yield, quality, and profits by providing complete environmental control solutions... Explore GroLine® ›

Hanna Foodline

Professional or amateurs who require precision in food production, Hanna’s Foodcare series are durable, and deliver accurate… Explore Foodcare ›

Over 3,000 Precision Instruments

With so many instruments to choose from, let us help you narrow it down with a few of our most popular categories.

With operations in 65 Countries, Hanna is working to solve some of the world’s biggest problems by making scientific testing more accessible, easy, and accurate.

Let’s work together!

We continue to strive to understand the challenges that our customers are faced with in performing  analytical measurements so that we can develop a solution that will provide a simplified and accurate way to measure.