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Wine Dissolved Oxygen

Oxygen is potentially introduced at several stages of the winemaking process from fermentation, where it may be sometimes desirable, to movement and filtration where high oxygen uptake can be detrimental to an aging or finished product. Regardless of the process, packaging, or closure, it’s extremely important that the dissolved oxygen levels of a finished product be as low as possible at the time of packaging, typically under 0.5 ppm.

A selection of portable and benchtop meters are available to measure dissolved oxygen in wine. Some meters offer a slim style probe that can fit in a bottle.


Benchtop Meters

Benchtop pH meters include the HI5000 and edge tablet designed meters.

The HI5000 series is our most advanced benchtop dissolved oxygen meter incorporating the latest microprocessor to bring exceptional features and performance for the most demanding user. These meters are completely customizable to user specific requirements.

The edge meters are very unique in design and in the use of digital electrodes. The edge is designed in a tablet style that is a hybrid between the flexibility of being used as a portable or as a benchtop. The edge meter uses digital electrodes with the edge multiparameter version that can be upgraded with other probes to measure conductivity for tartrate stability or pH.



Portable Meters

A variety of portable meters are available to measure dissolved oxygen. The meters available include a version including an optical method that uses no solution and does not require stirring to measure.




Maintenance Solutions

In this category are the solutions used with dissolved oxygen measurements. Solutions include the fill solutions used in probes and a bi-component zero oxygen solution for calibrating to 0%.




Accessories include the spare parts for the dissolved oxygen probes. Also included are magnetic stirrers that are used for stirring a solution while taking a measurement. This is required for dissolved oxygen meters that use polarographic or galvanic technologies.


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