Water Purification

Water purification is a necessary process for many industries and laboratories. In this process, incoming water is purified by either Reverse Osmosis (RO), demineralizers or distilled to remove unwanted ions from the water. Many systems will use process meters to monitor the output form a system on a continuous basis. Users will also use portable meters and testers to monitor the output. The unit of measure is dependent on user preference with conductivity and TDS units used for water from RO systems while resistivity meters are used for high purity water due to the range needed to measure 0.055 μS/cm (~18 Megaohm/cm).

Hanna offers a variety of products to measure conductivity, TDS and resistivity. Chlorine testing products are also included since many RO systems will use a carbon filter to remove chlorine form the source water and the filter needs to be monitored for any breakthrough of chlorine once the carbon is exhausted.


Process Control




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