Water Conditioning Manganese

Manganese is associated with iron minerals, and occurs in nodules in ocean, fresh waters, and soils. It is an essential trace element for plants and animals. The common aqueous species are the reduced Mn2+ and the oxidized Mn4+. The chemistry of manganese in water is similar to that of iron.

Soluble manganese in groundwater is usually in the reduced state (Mn2+). Upon exposure to air or other oxidants, groundwater containing manganese usually will precipitate black MnO2. Elevated manganese levels therefore can cause stains in plumbing/laundry, and cooking utensils. For this reason the U.S. EPA has set the secondary drinking water standard MCL for manganese to 50 μg/L.

Hanna offers a variety of products to measure manganese in water. These include benchtop, portable and the Checker HC meters.







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