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The HI740234 is a replacement tungsten filament lamp for Hanna’s line of EPA compliant turbidity meters.

  • Replacement lamp for EPA turbidity meters

Hanna’s EPA compliant turbidity meters are designed to meet or exceed the criteria speci˜ed by the USEPA Method 180.1 and Standard Method 2130 B. The USEPA Method 180.1 specifies the key parameters for the optical system to measure turbidity for drinking, saline, and surface water by use of the nephelometric method.

In the nephelometric method, the light beam that passes through the sample is scattered in all directions. The intensity and pattern of the scattered light is a‰ffected by many variables, such as wavelength of the incident light, particle size and shape, refractive index, and color. The optical system includes a tungsten ˜lament lamp, a scattered light detector (90°) and a transmitted light detector (180°).

The HI740234 is used with the EPA compliant turbidity meters including:

HI83414 Turbidity and Free/Total Chlorine Benchtop Meter

HI88703 Precision Benchtop Turbidity Meter

HI93414 Turbidity and Free/Total Chlorine Portable Meter

HI98703 Portable Turbidity Meter

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