Pump Calibration Solution for Titratable Alkalinity in Water Mini Titrator - HI84431-55M

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The HI84431 incorporates a peristaltic pump dosing system which allows for a highly accurate determination of the amount of titrant used. The HI84431 can titrate both high and low ranges of total alkalinity in water using two different titrant solutions. If the range is changed, the titrant must be changed and the pump must be purged and recalibrated. Pump calibrations are performed with the provided HI84431-55M calibration standard, helping to assure the accuracy of the measurement. Routine calibration is recommended to ensure the highest of accuracy when performing a titration.

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The HI84431-55M is a 230 mL bottle of pump calibration standard solution that is used for both low and high range determination of alkalinity in water.

Water alkalinity is an expression of a water’s acid-neutralizing capacity and it is determined by titration with standard acidic solutions. Alkalinity is an important parameter for control and treatment of potable water and wastewater because it indicates the buffering capacity of water, or the ability to resist a pH change. The ability to resist large swings in pH results primarily from the presence of bicarbonates and carbonates. A low water alkalinity signifies that the water is susceptible to pH change, while a high alkalinity indicates that water is able to resist a major change of pH.

Titratable alkalinity in waters, as performed on the HI84431 mini titrator, utilizes a simple sample preparation, a high quality titrant dosing pump, a potentiometric endpoint detector, and automatic computations. To maintain the high precision of the titrator, a simple pump calibration procedure is required. A change of measurement range requires a different titrant along with a pump recalibration. The pump calibration involves the analysis of a known volume of a known solution and compensates for changes in pump dosing that may occur due to many factors including tube stretching or aging. This procedure should be performed regularly with the HI84431-55M pump calibration solution to accurately determine alkalinity levels in water.


Replacement reagents required to operate the HI84431:

  Low Range - 10 to 500 mg/L as CaCO3 High Range - 400 to 4000 mg/L as CaCO3
Pump calibration standard HI84431-55M HI84431-55M
Titrant solution HI84431-50 HI84431-51
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