HI5000 Series

The HI5000 Series of benchtops are the most advanced meters we offer for the electrochemistry market. These meters utilize an ARM processor to accomplish many tasks that would require additional electronics. The use of an ARM processor allows for Hanna to provide our customers with one of the most advanced meters on the market at an affordable price.

The HI5000 family has a large color LCD that can be customized to user preferences for viewing. Having a dot matrix display allows an infinite amount of information to be displayed. A contextual help button provides instant access to a help library based on the screen being viewed. The LCD is capable of showing up to two channels simultaneously. It is also possible to view real-time graphing of measurements.

The electrochemistry measurements made by the HI5000 family can be customized including stability criteria, iso potential points, custom buffer/standard groups, reference temperatures, and many other options.

Additional algorithms are built-in the meter and include USP <645> for pharmaceutical water quality analysis, BOD/OUR/SOUR calculations from dissolved oxygen measurements, and incremental methods when using an ISE.

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