Photometric Probe for Colorimetric Titrations at 590 nm - HI900603

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For many titrations, a potentiometric determination of the equivalence point is simply not possible. However, manually performing complexometric titrations can be inaccurate due to ambiguous color changes and when using non-aqueous or semi-opaque liquids, such as lubricating oils. In these cases, the use of a photometric probe for the optical determination of an endpoint during volumetric analysis is preferred. Hanna Instruments introduces HI900603 photometric electrode for when a color change is still the best solution.


    • High color sensitivity in a compact design


    • Chemically resistant glass-body construction


    • Stable yellow LED (590 nm) light source with low drift

The HI900603 photometric electrode has a yellow LED with a wavelength of 590 nm as a light source. This wavelength of light is useful for determining yellow or blue endpoints when using indicators such as xylenol and methylthymol blue during a volumetric titration. The HI900603 can be used to measure the concentration of:

  • Sulfate in solution
  • Metals (Cobalt, Barium, Palladium, Manganese, Lead, Tin, Cadmium II, Zirconium, and Thallium)
  • Strong acid content of petroleum products
  • Cationic Surfactants
HI900603  Photometric Probe Sample cell

LED at 590 nm

HI900603 uses a LED that emits light at 590 nm (yellow color). This high quality LED will provide long term use since it takes thousands of hours for the LED intensity to dim naturally.


Reflective Measurement

The HI900603 contains a glass flow through cell, which the sample fills. The LED shines light at 590 nm through the sample, which is reflected back by a platinum mirror sealed in the glass tip of the probe. The fixed path length of the reflective measurement allows for high color sensitivity in a compact design.


Automatic Temperature Compensation

All readings are compensated for the changes in temperature of the sample from 0 to 75oC (32 to 167oF) to provide for accurate and repeatable measurements.


 HI900603 Photometric Probe Design

Glass-Body Probe

HI900603 probe has a glass-body that offers excellent chemical resistance against organic solvents. These solvents can be found in samples and can attack different forms of plastics.


Steel Shielding

The electronics of the probe are located in a steel shielding, which is covered by the glass-body. The steel sheilding of the probe also blocks out ambient light and protects against electronic interference. 


12 mm Diameter Probe Body

HI900603 has a probe diameter of 12 mm (1/2"), which is the standard size for most pH/ORP electrodes. The 12 mm probe will fit in most electrode holders.


 HI900603 with HI932 Titration System

BNC Connector

HI900603 has a BNC connector for connecting a pH/mV input of a meter. The mV range for the probe is from 10 to 1100 mV.


PS/2 Mini-DIN Connector

A PS/2 connector is used for supply power to the probe. The HI931and HI932 potentiometric titration systems have a ps/2 power output for the probe to be connected to. The HI900932 is a PS/2 Y-splitter that is also available and allows for multiple probes to use one power source.


LED Calibration Trimmer

Although the LED provides a very long life, it does slowly dim over time. A trimmer located in the head of the probe can be used to adjust the output intensity. This allows the probe to be recalibrated, ensuring accurate measurements. The probe is placed in DI or distilled water and the trimmer adjusted until 1000 mV (100% transmittance) is displayed.




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SKU HI900603
Product Name Photometric Probe for Colorimetric Titrations at 590 nm - HI900603
Quote Required No
mV Range 10 to 1100 mV
Photometric Probe Wavelength 590 nm
Photometric Probe Light Source LED
Measuring Cycle LED pulsed at 1 kHz
Photometric Probe Light Detector silicon photocell
Temperature Compensation automatic from 0 to 75°C (32 to 167°F)
Body Material glass
Body Length/Overall Length 120 mm / 200 mm
Outer Diameter 12 mm
Connector Type BNC
Power Supply PS/2
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Ordering Information HI900603 photometric probe is delivered in a plastic case and is supplied with a trimmer tool, quality certificate and instruction manual.
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