Hanna's Solutions for pH Measurement

pH is one of the most common electrochemistry parameters measurements. Businesses and homeowners base important decisions on pH values. At Hanna, we recognize the value of the accurate measurements and have continued to improve the technology since releasing our first pH tester in 1986. Our advancements in this vital technology includes pre-amplified probes, waterproof portable meters, probes with Bluetooth technology, and an extensive line of application specific portable meters and testers. To ensure highly accurate measurements we have built in algorithms that alert the user to potential problems during the calibration process; including when to clean the electrode, check the buffer, and to assess the overall health of the pH electrode. We not only incorporate the best available technologies into the measurement, but at the forefront, our drive is to make sure the meters are intuitive to use. We believe that a user should be able to pick up a meter and be guided in its proper use without having to reference the instruction manual. Below are categories of products we offer to measure pH.


Benchtop Meters

Benchtop style meters are commonly found in laboratories of industry and education. They come in a variety of styles and features. We offer versions with manual calibration and temperature compensation for use by teachers for the education of pH. We offer benchtop meters that have the basic features including automatic calibration and temperature compensation. The most advanced, full featured models are research grade meters that offer users advanced control over the pH measurement; including how calibration is performed, creation of buffer sets used for calibration, and even the stability criteria used for acceptance of a calibration point. Our benchtop meters are supplied with calibration solution and probes. Most are supplied with an electrode holder as well.


Portable Meters

Portable meters offer many features found in benchtop meters, with enough flexibilty to use outside of the laboratory. This feature is important for analysts who work in factories or fields and prefer to measure samples on site at the sample location. We have a large breadth of portable meter options that measure both pH and temperature readings in a single connector with either a universal BNC connector or a waterproof DIN connector Where possible, a simple two button navigation gives access to automatic calibration, pH and temperature readouts, as well as the indicators for stability, battery level and probe condition. Our professional-grade portables are comparable to benchtop meters in functionality with GLP data, logging, CAL Check and other features at a push of the button. The portable meter families are rugged and waterproof, built to withstand some of the harshest environments. Most portable meters can be purchased with a thermoformed carrying case for easy transportation and storage.



In 1986 Hanna Instruments revolutionized the way pH can be measured with the introduction of the pHep® (pH electronic paper). This tester brought the electronic pH measurement to the general public, allowing farmers, students, and many other users access to a pH meter that was simple to use and very accurate.

Since the introduction of the pHep, Hanna Instruments has been at the forefront of innovating the tester technology. Our innovations include the first tester with a replaceable pH electrode, the first with a large multi-level LCD that shows both pH and temperature readings, and recently introduced an extensive line of application specific testers that are optimally designed for difficult samples including cheese, meat, bread, wine, and beer, to name a few.


edge Meters

The edge® combines the versatile, tablet design and advanced digital pH electrodes to function as a benchtop, portable, or wall mounted meter. Available in three product families, the edge multiparameter meters can be updated to a different parameter by changing probes. The edge-dedicated family of meters is designed to a single parameter and cannot be upgraded to measure other parameters. The edge Bluetooth® version provides a wireless testing experience when combined with the Hanna HALO® Bluetooth pH electrodes. All edge meters offer multiple USB ports, GLP, logging, and CAL Check.


HALO Wireless Meters

In 2015, Hanna Instruments was the first manufacturer to incorporate Bluetooth® LE technology into a pH electrode. This innovation opened the door to wireless pH measurements. Readings are transmitted directly to a compatible Apple® or Android® device through the Hanna Lab App. An advanced measurement system is created with the use of a smart device and Halo pH electrode. This combined technology creates an advanced measurement system that rivals many portable and benchtop meters available on the market. 5-point calibration, GLP, Data logging, and the ability to e-mail data from your smart device.



pH Electrodes

The most important part of any pH measurement system is the design of the pH electrode. There are a variety of glass types and shapes for the sensing surface. There are also a variety of junctions and body materials used in the construction. The right combination makes an electrode design most suitable for specific applications. We offer a wide range of pH electrodes with either a BNC connector or a DIN connector, depending on the meter connection that it will be used with.



The accuracy of a pH measurement is contingent on cleanliness of the electrode and correct calibration. Solutions are an important component of the pH measuring system because they are used to clean, maintain, and calibrate the electrode. To function correctly, a pH electrode must be clean and stored properly to maintain the hydration of the reference junction and the pH sensitive glass layer. A calibration solution of a known value must be used to establish a reference point to which all measurements are compared. Hanna Instruments offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, including application specific cleaning solution, storage solutions, and calibration buffer for every point from pH 1.00 to 13.00. The calibration solutions are available in a variety of sizes and accuracies. All calibration buffers are traceable to NIST standards and many versions are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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