pH, Free and Total Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Iron Low-Range Portable Photometer with CAL Check – HI97745

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HI97745 is an advanced portable photometer for the measurement of pH, chlorine (free and total), hardness (calcium, magnesium, and total) and iron in water. This meter offers a superior optical system that utilizes a reference detector and narrow band interference filters for extremely fast and repeatable measurements.


  • No warm up time before taking a measurement
  • Tutorial mode for step-by-step instructions
  • CAL Check to verify meter performance

Chlorine and pH are two of the most closely monitored parameters in the analysis of water quality. The disinfecting power of a chlorine solution is pH-dependent; hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the more effective form of chlorine that is predominant at lower pH levels. As the pH increases, the less effective hypochlorite (OCl-) form becomes more prevalent. Hardness is also an important water quality parameter as it can indicates the presence of magnesium and calcium, which are responsible for scaling of pipes in heating and cooling systems. In domestic water, iron can cause an unpleasant taste, stain laundry, or damage kitchenware; it is also an indicator of ongoing corrosion in piping systems.

The HI97745 offers multiple methods within one meter. pH determination uses the phenol red method; free and total chlorine determination uses an adaptation the Standard Method 4500-Cl G; total hardness determination uses an adaptation of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition, colorimetric method; low range iron determination uses an adaptation of the TPTZ method.

The reagents are in powder or liquid form depending on the parameter being tested. When the appropriate reagent is added to the sample, it will display a color change; the greater the concentration, the deeper the color. The associated color change is then colorimetrically analyzed according to the Beer-Lambert Law. This principle states that light is absorbed by a complementary color, and the emitted radiation is dependent upon concentration. For determination of pH, free and total chlorine, total hardness, and iron, a narrow band interference filter at 525 nm allows only green light to be detected by the silicon photodetector and omits all other visible light emitted from the LED. As the change in color of the reacted sample increases, absorbance of the specific wavelength of light also increases, while transmittance decreases. Using a pre-programmed curve a result is then displayed.

The HI97745 has an innovative optical system that offers superior performance in accuracy, repeatability, and the short amount of time it takes to perform a measurement. This compact, waterproof meter is extremely user friendly with a tutorial mode that walks the user graphically, step by step, in performing a measurement. The use of a backlit dot matrix LCD allows the use of virtual keys which makes the operation of the meter very intuitive including selecting different units of measure, reviewing GLP data, recalling the last 50 measurements, and customizing the meter to user preferences.

HI97745 is completely waterproof including the cuvette holder that is designed with ridges to protect the optical path from getting scratched by the cuvette and a gasketed battery compartment that holds three common AA batteries. The compact design fits comfortably in the hand for use in the field or on a table for benchtop use. The LCD is backlit for easy viewing under all conditions.

photometer optical system


  • LED that generates very little heat
  • 8 nm narrowband interference filter that is accurate to +/- 1 nm.
  • Reference detector that modulates the voltage to LED for consistent light output. 
  • A concave focusing lens that reduces errors from imperfections in the cuvette.


On-Screen Features

CAL Check
Advanced features including CAL-Check to verify performance and if necessary, recalibrate.

Multiple Chemical Forms
Display hardness results in multiple chemical forms.

Setup Options
Setup options for meter personalization include date and time format, language, and enabling the tutorial mode.

method option

Log of last 50 Readings
The last 50 readingsa re automaticlly stored and availbale for recall.

Tutorial Mode
Tutorial mode for step-by-step instructions to guide a first-time user in how to perform a measurement correctly.

Reaction Timer
Built-in reaction timer that ensures consistency amongst multiple users.



Stable Light Source:

  • The internal reference system of the HI97745 photometer compensates for any drifts due to power fluctuations or ambient temperature changes. With a stable source of light the readings are fast and stable between your blank (zero) measurement and sample measurement.

High Efficiency Light Source:

  • LED light sources offer superior performance compared to tungsten lamps. LEDs have a much higher luminous efficiency, providing more light while using less power. They also produce little heat, which could otherwise affect electronic stability. 

High Quality Filters:

  • Improved optical filters ensure greater wavelength accuracy and allow a brighter, stronger signal to be received. The end result is higher measurement stability and less wavelength error.

Greater Light Yield:

  • A focusing lens collects all of the light that exits the cuvette, eliminating errors from imperfections and scratches that may be present in the glass. The use of the convex lens reduces the need for indexing cuvettes.

CAL Check Functionality:

  • Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check feature allows for performance verification and calibration of the meter using NIST traceable standards. Our CAL Check standard vials are developed to simulate a specific absorbance value at each wavelength to verify the accuracy of subsequent readings.


Large Cuvette Size:

  • The sample cell of the HI97745 fits a round, glass cuvette with a 25 mm path length. The relatively long path length of the sample cuvette allows the light to pass through more of the sample solution, ensuring accurate measurements even in low absorbance samples.

Intuitive Dot Matrix Display:

  • The HI97745 is designed with a backlit, graphic LCD. With virtual keys, a battery status indicator, and error messages. Users will find the meter interface intuitive and easy to read. A dedicated help key provides information relating to the current meter operation, and can be used at any stage in the setup or measurement process to show contextual help.

Auto-off Protection:

  • The meter uses three common AA batteries that allow for about 800 measurements to be taken. The auto-off feature automatically shuts off the meter after 15 minutes of inactivity in order conserve battery life.
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SKU HI97745-web
Product Name pH, Free and Total Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Iron Low-Range Portable Photometer with CAL Check – HI97745
Quote Required No
pH Range 6.5 to 8.5 pH
pH Resolution 0.1 pH
pH Accuracy ±0.1 pH of reading at 25°C
pH Method Adaptation of the Phenol Red Method
Free Chlorine Range 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L (as Cl2)
Free Chlorine Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Free Chlorine Accuracy ±0.03 mg/L ±3% of reading at 25°C
Total Chlorine Range 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L (as Cl2)
Total Chlorine Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Total Chlorine Accuracy ±0.03 mg/L ±3% of reading at 25°C
Hardness, Total Range 0.00 to 4.70 mg/L (as CaCO3)
Hardness, Total Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Hardness, Total Accuracy ±0.11 mg/L ±5% of reading at 25°C
Hardness, Total Method Adaptation of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition, Colorimetric Method
Hardness, Calcium Range 0.00 to 2.70 mg/L (as CaCO3)
Hardness, Calcium Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Hardness, Calcium Accuracy ±0.11 mg/L ±5% of reading at 25°C
Hardness, Calcium Method Adaptation of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition, Colorimetric Method
Hardness, Magnesium Range 0.00 to 2.00 mg/L (as CaCO3)
Hardness, Magnesium Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Hardness, Magnesium Accuracy ±0.11 mg/L ±5% of reading at 25°C
Hardness, Magnesium Method Adaptation of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition, Colorimetric Method
Iron Range 0.00 to 1.60 mg/L (as Fe)
Iron Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Iron Accuracy ±0.01 mg/L ±8% of reading at 25 °C
Iron Method Adaptation of the TPTZ Method
Photometer/Colorimeter Light Source LED with 525 nm bandpass filter
Photometer/Colorimeter Light Detector silicon photocell
Bandpass Filter Bandwidth 8 nm
Bandpass Filter Wavelength Accuracy ±1.0 nm
Cuvette Type round 24.6 mm diameter (22 mm inside)
GLP yes
Display 128 x 64 pixel B/W LCD with backlight
Logging Memory 50 readings
Battery Type/Life 1.5 V AA Alkaline (3 pcs.) / > 800 measurements (without backlight)
Automatic Shut-Off after 15 minutes of inactivity (30 minutes before a READ measurement)
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); 0 to 100% RH (IP67)
Weight 380 g (13.4 oz.)
Dimensions 142.5 x 102.5 x 50.5 mm (5.6 x 4.0 x 2.0")
Ordering Information HI97745C is supplied with CAL-Check standards, cuvettes (2), caps (2), plastic inserts for cuvette, (2), scissors, cuvette cleaning cloth, 1.5V AA batteries (3), instruction manual, and instrument quality certificate packaged in a rugged thermoformed carrying case.
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