Hydroponics Temperature

Many factors can affect the temperature of an indoor hydroponic grow house, such as grow lights, ambient outdoor temperatures, dehumidifiers or any other electrical equipment. In hydroponics, monitoring and regulating the temperature of the nutrient solution is very important because temperature directly affects the amount of dissolved oxygen a solution can hold and subsequently how well a root system can grow in the solution. As the temperature of a nutrient solution increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen decreases. Along with a reduction in dissolved oxygen concentration, a nutrient solution that continues to rise in temperature causes an increase in root respiration as a result of the root system temperature rising. When the root system begins to warm, the oxygen demand of the plant rises. Therefore, the ideal temperature for the water and nutrient solution of a hydroponic system is approximately 65°F (18°C). Water at 68°F can hold about 9 parts per million of dissolved oxygen which is considered a healthy growth environment for most plant root systems.

Hanna offers a variety of meters to measure and monitor temperature. These meters include testers, portables and dataloggers.





Accessories include test keys to validate portable thermistor thermometers. Also included are shockproof rubber boots used with the portable meters. These boots give additional protection from accidental drops and provide for a more tactile feel when holding the meter.


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