Hydroponics ORP

ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. It is also sometimes known as the Redox potential. ORP is the best way to measure the potential ability of water to oxidize organic contaminants. In other words, ORP can be used as an indicator of water quality. Many consider an ORP level of 250-400 mV to be reflective of good to optimal water quality; this level can be maintained by using aeration, ozone, ORP levels below 200 mV can indicate low dissolved oxygen, high nitrites, or high DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon). DOC promotes the increase of harmful bacteria. However, ORP levels exceeding 550 mV are harmful to animals and plants..

Hanna offers a wide range of equipment and accessories to measure and monitor ORP in hydroponic nutrient solutions.



Portable Meters

A variety of portable meters are available to measure ORP. These meters include multiparameter versions that use multiparameter probes that can measure pH and EC/TDS in addition to ORP.




This category has a variety of ORP testers including a multiparameter version that can also measure pH.




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