HI7071L Electrolyte Fill Solution, 3.5M KCl + AgCl (500 mL)

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HI7071L is a pH and ORP electrode fill solution that contains 3.5M KCl + AgCl, which is specifically made for single junction electrodes. The electrolyte level in refillable electrodes should be checked before performing any measurements. If the level is low, refill with the proper electrolyte solution to ensure optimum performance. This simple maintenance helps guarantee adequate head pressure to promote the flow of reference electrolyte into the sample being measured.

  • Fill solution for single junction pH & ORP electrodes
  • Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality
  • Clearly marked bottle with expiration date and lot number

pH and ORP electrodes are available with a single junction or double junction reference cell. The single junction reference electrode is made with a silver (Ag) wire coated with silver chloride (AgCl). This wire is in contact with the sample to be measured by a fill solution that leaks through a junction. In single junction electrode this fill solution is 3.5M KCl with AgCl. The HI7071L is for 500 mL 3.5M KCl + AgCl electrolyte solution that ensures optimum measurement performance from your single junction pH or ORP electrode.


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Product Name HI7071L Electrolyte Fill Solution, 3.5M KCl + AgCl (500 mL)
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Description electrolyte solution, 3.5M KCl + AgCl
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Size 500 mL
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