Ammonia ISE Filling Solution - HI4001-40

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HI4001-40 is a set of (4) 30 mL bottles of fill solution made specifically for Hanna’s ammonia gas sensing ion selective electrodes (ISEs).

The electrolyte solution should be added to the outer probe body of the HI4101 ISE before final assembly to ensure optimum performance.

  • Fill solution for ammonia ion selective electrodes
  • Convenient 30 mL bottles
  • Clearly marked bottle with lot number and expiration date 

The HI4001-40 fill solution is a chloride ion-containing electrolyte that is required to provide a reference potential for the HI4101 ammonia gas sensing ion selective electrode (ISE). As ammonia diffuses through the gas permeable membrane, the thin film of electrolyte on the surface of the pH sensing glass undergoes a pH change. The change in pH of the filling solution is proportional to the concentration of ammonia gas in the solution. The HI4001-40 is four bottles of 30 mL ammonia filling solution that ensure optimum measurement performance from the HI4101 ammonia ISE.

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SKU HI4001-40
Product Name Ammonia ISE Filling Solution - HI4001-40
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Size 30 mL
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