Liquid Membrane ISE Sensor Handle - HI4000-50

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The HI4000-50 is a replacement sensor handle for liquid ion selective membranes.

This sensor handle can be used as a half-cell sensor for any ion selective electrode (ISE) that uses liquid membrane sensing technology. The calcium, nitrate, and potassium sensing modules are able to be used with the HI4000-50 replacement sensor handle.

  • Durable epoxy body
  • Compatible with liquid half-cell modules
  • For use with reference half-cell electrode

The HI4000-50 replacement sensor handle is compatible with Hanna’s liquid ISE modules. The sensor handle can be used as a sensing half-cell with the calcium, nitrate, or potassium half-cell modules. The HI5315 reference half-cell electrode is required for use with the HI4000-50 sensing half-cell to complete the electrical circuit and to provide a stable reference voltage.

Features at-a-glance

Replaceable Liquid Modules - The calcium, nitrate, and potassium half-cell modules can easily be replaced on the sensor handle. The HI4000-50 acts as the sensing electrode in an ISE measurement system.

Durable Epoxy Body - The probe body is composed of durable epoxy material.

BNC Connection - The HI4000-50 has a universal BNC connector for easy connection to any meter with a female BNC probe input.  

Theory of Operation

A liquid membrane ion selective electrode develops a voltage due to the ion exchange that occurs between the solution and the polymer membrane that contains organic ion exchange resin. When the ionic strength of the solution is fixed by the addition of ISA, the voltage is proportional to the concentration of free ions in solution.

More Information
SKU HI4000-50
Product Name Liquid Membrane ISE Sensor Handle - HI4000-50
Quote Required No
Body Material epoxy
Body Length/Overall Length 120mm
Outer Diameter 12 mm
Cable coaxial; 1 m (3.3’)
Connector Type BNC
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