Halo® Wireless pH Meters

In 2015, Hanna Instruments was the first manufacturer to incorporate Bluetooth® LE technology with the HALO pH electrodes. This innovation opened the door to wireless pH measurements. Readings are transmitted directly to compatible Apple® or Android® devices using the Hanna Lab App or the edgeblu meter. This combined technology creates an advanced measurement system that rivals many portable and benchtop meters available on the market. HALO wireless meters have many advanced features including:  

    • Five point calibration
    • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for tracking calibration information
    • Data logging and graphing
    • Ability to email and share data
    • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) with built-in temperature sensor
    • Hanna’s unique CAL Check for identifying issues with the probe

  All HALO electrodes are compatible with edgeblu tablet style pH meters. We offer a variety of HALO pH electrodes, each type is designed for the intended application to provide the most accurate, reliable measurements.   


For the laboratory Hanna Instruments offers both refillable and gel filled general-purpose Halo wireless pH meters. Both use a double junction reference system suitable for a wide range of chemicals. We also specialized HALO probes such, a flat tip version for surface measurements such as agars, probes for test tubes and 96 well plates. The 96 well plate version micro-bulb sensing tip is 3mm diameter and can measure samples as small as 100 µL.



The pH measurement of food presents a variety of unique challenges. Samples can be very viscous to semi-solid, which can easily clog the reference junction. The junction serves as an electrical pathway between the sample and the internal reference wire. When the junction gets clogged the readings can become sluggish and erratic. Foodcare pH electrodes offer a different junction types including open junctions in which there is a clogging-resistant, semi-solid known as viscolene used as the junction material. Other consideration for food is the type and shape of the sensing glass. For a refrigerated semi-solid a glass suitable for low temperatures is preferred along with a conic shape for easy penetration.

Beer and Wine

Many master winemakers and brewers rely on pH measurements to make decisions about the process. In winemaking the grape must has a high solids content, which can easily clog the reference junction that serves as an electrical pathway between the sample and the internal reference wire. When the junction gets clogged pH measurements can become sluggish and erratic. The HALO pH electrode for wine has a movable sleeve covering to protect the ground glass junction and simplify the cleaning process. The Beer HALO offers a stainless-steel body for fast heat transfer and a flat tip for easy cleaning.



Our HALO Wireless Soil pH Meter has a triple ceramic junction in the outer reference cell, built-in temperature sensor, and the conic pH sensing tip making; it ideal for pH measurements in soil samples or slurries.



For general-purpose field use we offer a double junction, HALO with a PEI plastic body. This all around use wireless meter is gelled-filled which requires less maintenance than the refillable counterparts. The design of this Halo can be used in a wide variety of measurements whether in the field, factory or at home.

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