GroLine Electrode Storage Solution (230 mL) – HI70300-023

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HI70300-023 is a GroLine storage solution prepared with reagent grade chemicals that can be used to ensure optimum performance of your pH and ORP electrodes. 


  • Special formulation to minimize microbial growth and osmotic/diffusion effects between the solution and inner reference electrolyte
  • Manufactured specifically for pH and ORP electrodes
  • Clearly marked expiration date and lot number

The Hanna Instruments storage solution is specifically formulated to minimize microbial growth and  prevent any diffusion/osmotic effects from storing a probe in a solution with the highly concentrated inner reference electrolyte. Storing your pH and/or ORP electrodes in a storage solution keeps the junction clear, maintains the hydrated layer of the electrode, and clears the junction to ensure a fast and reliable measurement.


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SKU HI70300-023
Product Name GroLine Electrode Storage Solution (230 mL) – HI70300-023
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Description electrode storage solution
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Size 230 mL
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