Glycol is a class of organic compounds with varying length carbon chains with two hydroxyl (–OH) groups. Two common glycol compounds are: ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is mainly used in antifreeze, and for the manufacturing of polyesters. Propylene glycol is also used for the production of polymers, and because it is non-toxic it is used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics applications.

Hanna Instruments offers digital refractometers for ethylene and propylene glycol analysis, and a titration based chemical test kit for measuring the presence or absence of glycol in a sample.


Portable digital refractometers are convenient meters to measure glycol concentrations. A small sample is placed on the prism and a reading is taken. These meters are useful in cooling applications such as wort chillers to ensure the glycol is at the right concentration of 35% glycol to 65% water.



Chemical Test Kit

The glycol yes/no test kit tests for the presence of glycol through oxidation of glycolic group in acid, which then reacts with an indicator forming an intense purple color. This test kits is used in the automotive industry to check for glycol in transmission fluid.




Replacement reagents for the glycol chemical test kit.



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