Digital pH/Temperature Probe for HI98199 - HI829113

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The HI829113 is a digital pH/temperature probe is made for use with the HI98199 portable multiparameter pH, EC, and DO meter. This probe has a flat tip electrode housed in a titanium metal body. An integrated temperature sensor is located in the tip of the electrode for fast and accurate temperature compensated measurements.

  • Digital Probe
  • Flat Tip pH Sensor
  • Waterproof Quick Connect DIN Connector

digital electrode

Built-in Microchip

The built-in microchip stores sensor type, serial number and calibration information including date, time, calibration points, offset and slope. This information is automatically retrieved by HI98199 once the probe is plugged in. The ability to transfer information allows for hot swapping of probes without recalibrating. All pH and temperature measurements are performed within the probe and transferred digitally to the meter. This digital connection is impervious to electrical noise and humidity that can affect a standard pH electrode.

Flat Tip pH electrode

Flat Tip Sensor

The pH sensing surface is flat tip reducing the risk of accidental breakage and makes it easier to clean.

Titanium pH electrode body

Titanium Body

A titanium body increases immunity to electrostatic and magnetic fields. It also allows for strong corrosion resistance, even in seawater. The titanium body also helps to reduce accidental breakage.

 Temperature Sensor

Built-in Temperature Sensor

The built-in temperature sensor is located in the tip of the pH sensor for fast and accurate temperature compensated readings.

 Quick Connect DIN Connector

Waterproof Quick Connect

The HI8291133 probe has a quick connect DIN connector that provides a for a secure waterproof connection.


More Information
SKU HI829113
Product Name Digital pH/Temperature Probe for HI98199 - HI829113
Quote Required No
Junction Type/Flow Rate cloth
Type of Electrolyte gel
Body Material titanium
Glass Type general purpose (GP)
Tip / Shape flat
Temperature Sensor built-in
Connector Type quick connect DIN
Notes digital pH/temperature probe used with HI98199
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