Established in November 1991, Hanna Instruments Canada Inc. is a member of the international Hanna family, established in Italy in 1978. Our company has proven that good customer service is the key to success in the field of electro-analytical instrumentation. Keeping close to your requirements, we pride ourselves in supporting many industries such as water analysis, agri-food and industrial. Sensitivity to our customers needs, timely response to market demands and a continuous commitment to expanding the product range have been the key factors of our success.

Our people are driven by your appreciation of our outstanding after-sales service and technical support.

Every instrument undergoes strigent quality control tests at different stages of manufacturing, to obtain a product 100% proven.
With Hanna, be assured to receive superior quality products.

What customer service is all about!

Our mission is to promote the growth in product sales, service and support in the Canadian Market by offering a first class, professional and highly qualified sales and support team.

Being the Canadian leader in these following sectors: Greenhouses, hydroponic, maple syrup production, aquaculture & food control.
Water Analysis
Being the Canadian leader in these following sectors: Municipal, environment, pools and spas & laboratory.
Being the Canadian leader in these following sectors: Waste waters, plating & water purification.