HI 3000 Series
Calibration Check™ pH/mV/ISE/Temperature Bench Meters

HANNA's HI 3000 series of professional benchmeters are designed to provide high accuracy
and ease of use both in the laboratory as well as in harsh industrial conditions.
These meters feature HANNA's exclusive Calibration Check™, a diagnostics system that ensures accurate readings every time.
By alerting users of potential problems during the calibration process, the Calibration Check™ system eliminates erroneous readings due to dirty or faulty pH electrodes or contaminated buffer solutions.

Throughout the calibration process, users are guided step-by-step by theon-screen tutorial.
After calibration, a probe condition indicator is displayed on the LCD informing the user of the overall electrode status.
These instruments can be calibrated at up to 5 points with 7 standard buffers and an additional 5 custom buffers.

HI 3222, HI 3221 and HI 3220 also feature a user selectable “Outside Calibration” warning as well as a user selectable “Calibration Time-out” warning.

HI 3222, HI 3221 and HI 3220 feature a powerful interactive user support menu system that assists you before, during and after measurement.
On-screen tutorials guide usersthrough set-up, calibration and measurement while context sensitive help of any screen is available at a push of a button.
The help screen includes language specific assistance for menu parameters, calibration, log, contact information and accessories for your instrument.
HI 3000 series measures ORP with a resolution of 0.1 mV and also offers an extended temperature range from -20 to 120°C (-4 to 248°F) using HI 7662-T interchangeable probes.

HI 3221 and HI 3222 feature ISE measurement modes: HI3221 displays ISE as ppm while the HI 3222 provides a choice of units (ppb, ppm,molarity, weight/volume %).
The electrode type and unit selection capability of the HI 3222 and the ion charge selection capability of the HI 3221 make these instruments extremely versatile for a wide range of ISE measurements.

HI 3222, HI 3221 and HI 3220 feature three types of logging modes (for pH, ISE and mV): stability logging, interval logging and log-on-demand.
Stability logging stores measurements once the electrode has stabilized in the solution.
The user can set sensitivity between fast, medium and accurate.
Interval logging stores data at user defined set time intervals and log-on-demand stores data at a touch of a button.
Stored data includes the parameter, test results, offset and slope, date and time.
The HI 3000 series can be connected to a PC via USB. HI 92000 Windows® compatible software (optional) aids in data management.

  • Single (HI 3220 and HI 3221) or dual (HI 3222) input channels
  • Backlit, Graphic LCD
  • Exclusive Calibration CheckTM
  • Prompts and messages on the graphic LCD
  • Stability, interval and Log-on-demand logging
  • 5 point calibration with 7 standard and 5 custom buffers
  • Relative mV measurements
  • Up to 400 sample memory capacity
  • Auto HOLD to freeze readings on the display
  • User selectable language
  • GLP to view last calibration data for pH, Rel mV or ISE
  • User selectable "Outside Calibration Range" warning
  • User selectable "Calibration Timeout" to remind when a new calibration is necessary
  • PC interface via USB