Preparation, conditioning & calibration of D.O. meters and probe

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D.O. membrane verification & storage

Since the probe is sensitive, a series of maintenance procedures are recommended to guarantee accurate measurements. The electrolyte solution must be maintained at a set level and it has to be replaced periodically. When replacing the electrolyte solution, the probe must be polarized to eliminate any residual oxygen that may still be present in the cell.
The duration of the polarization process can vary from a few minutes to several hours depending on the instruments, and it is one of the factors that differentiate this type of instrumentation. Hanna Instruments' oxygen meters complete the polarization process in approximately 6 minutes, ranking amongst the fastest in the industry.
It is important to avoid trapping air bubbles when the cap is screwed onto the probe. The Teflon® membrane must be carefully checked, and in case of scratches, tears or perforations, it should be replaced. It is recommended to periodically calibrate the meter in air to reset the 100% values (and in zero oxygen solution, where appropriate).
By following these simple suggestions, your meter will always remain accurate and reliable.

It is crucial to the performance of your D.O probe to keep the sensor active with regular maintenance. For this purpose, Hanna has developed HI 7041S electrolyte solution to refill the membrane cap.